A coffee with me?

The day started as usual. Late… Mamma shouts, “wake up”. And I was like lemme sleep for 5 minutes more. But no. Its my mamma. Why would she listen. Got a kick and day begins… 😀
And here comes my coffee. It’s a rainy day here and a hot coffee really helps you a lot.  4fbd081e634fbb98012605c8ce0292b8

Reading some posts, looking at magazines, searching on google. OMG! my internet is really working so fast today or google is now in-built in my iPhone. :O Search, search, search. A million of things are happening on our planet. Some news digest is really good for your social health. Enough of information. Time to youtube. No wait! Whats happening here. Is everything fine with me? Whats there in my head? No get out please. It’s not the time. I’m on leaves. No new ideas please. 😦
But bang. My head says. You are creative. You get a new idea every day. You day-dream with them so why not to share it. Let the world know about all the crazy ideas you are getting and who knows who can make something good with that. And here I am. Created my first ever blog and trying to share things with you guys.

And you must be thinking what was that crazy idea that I got today? Well. I am still thinking and will definitely share. If you really want to find out what it is. Stay tuned. I will be back with my another coffee or may be a cookie. Who knows… 😉